Syndicated Loans

You would like to secure the success and growth of your business with a plannable and reliable financing base? A syndicated loan allows you, under the lead of a bank (the mandated lead arranger) to secure the liquidity of your business for many years. You may need finance for an impending investment, the acquisition of a company, the restructuring of your liabilities or possibly extend your group of banks.

As the lead bank, we coordinate the entire process. We provide the liquidity required for your business for the desired term and integrate types of finance tailored to meet your specific needs. With a single set of documentation, we reduce the complexity of financing and the administrative burden for your business.

Our product specialists will provide you with a financing package that is tailored to your individual needs and allows you to achieve your plans and objectives.

Your benefits:

  • Ability to finance large sums that are greater than the sums that can be raised by a single bank
  • Saving of time for the borrower as you only have to communicate with the lead bank
  • High degree of flexibility in the financing structure (e.g. regarding amount, utilisation and repayment)
  • Planning reliability in relation to volumes, conditions and term
  • Widening of the investor base (if desired)
  • National / international publicity (if desired)

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