Aviation Finance

In accordance with the press release dated 17 June 2024, NORD/LB is withdrawing from the aircraft financing business. The decision is part of the strategic realignment as a bank of the energy transition, which is also accompanied by a stronger focus on the Renewable Energies, Commercial Real Estate and Corporate Customers business segments.  

The current aircraft portfolio has a volume of around 2.75 billion euros (as at 31 March 2024) and includes around 300 financed aircraft and engines. A purchase agreement was concluded with Deutsche Bank for the majority of the portfolio, totalling EUR 1.67 billion, thereby finding a new partner for our customers. The remaining portfolio totalling around EUR 1.1 billion will remain in the NORD/LB Group and will be gradually phased out.

NORD/LB can look back on a history of over forty years as a recognised and respected market player in the field of aircraft financing. We would like to thank all our customers in this segment for their close and trusting cooperation.

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We are proud to be a founding member and driving force behind Impact on Sustainable Aviation. Together with 35 other members from the aircraft finance industry, we support the transition of international air transport to Net-Zero. On 11 May 2023, Impact has been crowned as winner of the Airline Economics Sustainability Team Award 2023.

Here you can find more information impact-on-sustainable-aviation.org