“NORD/LB has been focusing on sustainability for more than 30 years. For example, our bank is one of the pioneers in the financing of renewable energies. We want to actively contribute to a more sustainable future and accompany our customers in their transformation process.”


Jörg Frischholz, Chief Executive Officer


Acting sustainably, for…




Customers, employees and suppliers - NORD/LB focuses on people.


NORD/LB contributes to counteracting climate change.


NORD/LB's banking business affects economic developments and market situations.

Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy

Banks have a significant impact on the economy and society. They manage financial flows and thus enable economic growth, create jobs and provide social services. Their products and services affect the environment and society. Risks may thus arise, which is why it is particularly important for financial companies to take responsibility for their social, ecological and economic impacts. For this reason, sustainability is an integral part of NORD/LB's corporate strategy.

The bank's sustainability strategy comprises four principles that govern our daily activities:


By recognising the UN Global Compact and establishing its principles in the bank's internal guidelines, NORD/LB implements responsible actions with regard to ecological, economic and social impacts as part of its business and operating activities.


Stakeholder orientation

Knowledge of and the proper handling of the requirements of the specific interest groups is essential for NORD/LB and is indispensable for ensuring its long-term corporate success focused on sustainability.


Holistic approach

Sustainability affects all areas of the bank and requires a holistic approach. It starts with business strategy and management and extends to the bank's customers and products to its employees, business operations and social commitment. We consider NORD/LB as a whole, taking into account interdependencies between areas and processes.


Transparency is an essential aspect of sustainability. NORD/LB’s aim is to present the positive and, if applicable, negative social effects of the bank's business across all areas in a transparent way. This is achieved by applying the Principles for Responsible Banking and by focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals. This results, for example, in added value for employees and the environment, but also in optimisation potentials and measures to avoid any negative effects in the future.


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Current topics in the field of sustainability:

Hydrogen – how NORD/LB is funding the new energy source.
Green hydrogen is one of the most important pillars for the successful conversion of German large-scale industry to climate neutrality.

Green Bond - NORD/LB successfully launches first Green Pfandbrief
At NORD/LB we have been working on the implementation of green financial products for some years now. The Green Bond is the central product on the funding side. Dr Frederik Kunze and Philipp Bank report on the development of the Green Pfandbrief.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are the United Nations' 17 goals, which are intended to contribute to sustainable development at the economic, social and ecological level. NORD/LB continuously analyses the business and operating areas with regard to the 17 goals, identifies the potential for action and develops key figures that are intended to make our contribution measurable and comparable.

More about the SDGs (www.un.org)

Our policies

In our internal sustainability guidelines (ESG guidelines), we have also drawn up further regulations for dealing with financing and investments in sectors. They serve as a guide to ecological and social aspects in business decisions and lending processes.

Our sustainability guidelines (pdf)

Possible effects on the SDGs: