Your personal IBAN number for foreign payments

To make a SEPA money transfer or a transfer abroad, you will need the following information: the recipient's surname, first name and international account number (IBAN), the international bank code (BIC/SWIFT code) of the recipient's bank and your own IBAN number. Only with this information is it possible to definitely identify the client and recipient of the money transfer abroad.

You receive the recipient's IBAN number and the BIC/SWIFT code of the recipient's bank from the recipient of your payment. He or she can obtain this information from his or her bank. You can conveniently find your personal IBAN number with our IBAN calculator. In our IBAN calculator, we also provide our BIC/SWIFT code in the event that you are expecting a payment from abroad and would like to transfer your recipient data to a person or company abroad.

Note: The calculator processes the entered data correctly. Please keep in mind, though, that the correct account number is necessary. A check of their validity is not included.

Account Data
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