NORD/LB Terms of Business

Basic principles of the business relationship between customer and bank

The General Terms of Business (ToBs) and the Specific Terms of Business pursuant to clause 1 (2) of the ToBs of NORD/LB apply to the business relationship between the customer and NORD/LB including its institution with partial legal capacities "Braunschweigische Landessparkasse" (BLSK). Pursuant to ยง13 NORD/LB State Treaty, rights and obligations established in the name of BLSK are equally such of NORD/LB. Any declarations received or made by BLSK may be enforced by or are binding on NORD/LB.



General terms and conditions

NORD/LB General Business Conditions

Version January 2024. Please note: The English version serves information purposes only. The German version alone is legally binding.

NORD/LB General terms and conditions for the dispatch of electronic invoices

Version December 2022



Further terms and conditions

The Special terms of business and the special terms of business for corporate customers can be found on the website of the Braunschweigische Landessparkasse:
Special terms and conditions (in German only)

Here you can find the special terms and conditions for foreign banks:
Terms and conditions for foreign banks