Corporate leasing financing

Investments in new machines and modern technologies continue to determine the success of our companies. Business premises owned by a company ensure independence, and the buyer-oriented financing of sales of goods is a competitive advantage and the key to customer loyalty.

Especially in an economic environment in which the increasing connectivity of data flows (IoD) as well as a sustainable transition from traditional purchase and ownership decisions to use-based transfer models of products and services takes place (pay-per-use). This change in consumer behaviour of end customers (B2B/B2C), which is noticeable across all industries and social sectors, creates enormous challenges for traditional business, financing and liquidity models of medium-sized companies, and creates financing functions and needs for which we can offer competitive and needs-based solutions.

Among other things, we offer our corporate customers:

  • Development of needs-based financing concepts,
  • Flexible financing solutions along the entire value chain,
  • Many years of structuring expertise,
  • Optimisation of maturity, liquidity and refinancing structures,
  • A network of efficient external cooperation partners,
  • Arrangement and management of financing syndicates.

A few advantages of our financing solutions at a glance:

  • Off-balance sheet transaction structures (HGB [German Commercial Code]),
  • Optimisation of balance sheet ratios,
  • Release of tied-up capital and increase of liquidity,
  • Enhancing internal financing margins,
  • Flexible financing solutions for diverse financing needs (including sales financing, asset/share deals, financing of new and existing movable and/or immovable fixed assets),
  • Customising the opportunity/risk profile (including access to the strategic asset),
  • Optimisation of the (re)-financing basis by involving public funds as well as existing and new strategic banking partners.

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