Choice over mass uniformity: an investment that whets the appetite

Benefit from the outstanding expertise of our professional asset management

With SIP asset management, we offer you the opportunity to invest in the results of our investment process in the form of a single fund. Our objective is to invest the assets under management in the fund with the best possible return but with low risk on the capital markets. Analogous to individual asset management strategies, SIP® Bond, SIP® Income, SIP® Balanced and SIP® Equity sub-funds can be selected here.

Sustainability always in mind

We take social, environmental and ethical considerations into account in all investment decisions. To this end, we have defined sustainable minimum standards for our investment process. Our portfolio management team works closely with one of the leading independent sustainability rating agencies.

SIP - For every taste

Whether the focus is on preserving capital or building up assets – we have the right strategy! Depending on your personal return target and security needs, you can choose between 4 different investment strategies. These differ in terms of different bandwidths for the asset classes of equities, bonds and liquidity.

SIP – The full range of investments

With one of our 4 SIP funds, you invest in entire markets, different sectors and different asset classes. All with just one product and no minimum investment. The broad diversification of your investment allows you to benefit from spreading risk.

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Our SIP Asset Management Information Video (german only)

With the SIP funds, you invest in an asset management of NORD/LB.

€uro table discussion on

Tailwind for the SIP Bond

In the €uro table discussion, the focus is on responsible investments: Sustainable investments have become mainstream.

The focus is on five investment funds that place particular emphasis on environmental, social and governance factors (ESG criteria) when selecting their investments. Among them is our asset-managed bond fund "SIP Bond".

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Investment fund opportunities and risks

- Price increases in the equity segment due to market, industry and company-related factors
- Exchange rate opportunities in the bond segment due to changes in interest rates and debtor credit rating
- Risk diversification through global investment in equities, interest-bearing securities and money market assets
- Broad diversification by company, country and sector in the equity segment
- Broad diversification by debtor and maturity in the bond segment
- Objective selection and weighting of all financial instruments based on fundamental and technical analyses

- Price losses due to changes in the value of investments in the equity and/or bond segment
- The value of managed assets may fall below the initial value (no capital guarantee)
- Rising interest rates on the capital market can lead to price losses on interest-bearing investments
- A deterioration in the credit rating (up to payment default) of individual bond debtors (e.g. states or companies) can lead to price losses in the bond segment
- Supply and demand-related restrictions on the tradability of financial instruments can lead to the permanent or temporary inability to sell investments or only at prices that are not in line with the market
- Additional incidental costs incurred (transaction costs, commissions) can affect performance
- Environmental, social or governance events or conditions may have a negative impact on the investment.

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