Public Refinancing

NORD/LB is a modern and future-oriented financing partner for medium-sized companies and a principal bank in particular for northern German municipalities. Both customer groups rely on long-term and secure financing to advance their business success or public services. Future viability, innovation and sustainability in particular are driving factors for long-term investments. For this purpose, NORB/LB has a large number of needs-based financing solutions in place.

Our expertise in optimising refinancing structures has been drawing on the programme loan landscape and individual refinancing options of regional, industry-specific and supra-regional funding institutions for many years. The possibilities of public funding are manifold. Regardless of whether it is about the establishment or expansion of a company, whether it is SMEs, classic medium-sized companies, large companies or municipalities, no matter in which industry – we develop optimised refinancing solutions for our customers for all topics relating to growth, digitalisation, innovation and sustainability. Working together with selected long-standing cooperation partners, we also support our customers in generating grants and other subsidies.

We offer you, among other things:

  • Many years of structuring and financing expertise in the integration of public funds – including in the context of various instruments of the financing portfolio of SMEs
  • Classification and assessment of the funding eligibility of investment projects and development of needs-based financing until disbursement of the project
  • Long-term cooperation with KfW and various (supra)regional and industry-oriented funding institutions

This results in the following advantages for our customers:

  • High reliability in the assessment of funding eligibility for the respective investment projects
  • Comprehensive support for customer projects so that they are eligible for funding, including an integrated view of the financing structure
  • Optimisation of interest charges for eligible investment projects
  • High level of financing security (long maturities can also generally be represented)
  • Ability to combine different subsidies and a variety of financing products (e.g. structured loans, leasing) Lean documentation (usually standard contracts)

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