Trade Finance

Keep risks under control and seize the opportunities of international markets!

As an international company, you need to consider a number of challenges when doing business with your foreign business partners

  • punctual, contractually compliant deliveries across borders,
  • political and economic circumstances in the relevant country
  • foreign cultural environments and practices around commitments.

We work with you to select the perfect payment instrument to reduce your risks from international payments and assist you in optimising and tracking individual processing steps and payments.

What we offer:

Letters of credit:
With a letter of credit, the importer's bank (the issuing bank) assumes an abstract payment commitment to the exporter for the importer's invoice, provided all conditions in the letter of credit are met.

Documentary collection:
The banks only successively hand over to the importer the documents for the goods against payment or the acceptance of bills of exchange. As a result, the importer generally only receives ownership of the goods upon payment and the exporter only receives the value of the goods upon proper delivery.

We are happy to provide you with a guarantee and assurance if you are unable to provide a service or if a certain event occurs (or does not occur). Conversely, you can also secure yourself with guarantees from your business partner's bank for certain guarantee cases.

Your added value:

Customer proximity:
A team of settlement specialists works closely with the trade finance advisors. We are based in Germany, so you can get in touch with German contacts if you have any questions.

When we receive your enquiry or request, we can implement it within a short period of time and, for example, open the letter of credit in order to send it to your business partner's bank abroad.

Do you have a special requirement for documentary business? Let us know – we will work with you to find the best solution.

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