Promissory notes

Would you like to secure successful capital resources and stable balance sheet structures for your company? Successful companies use the entire spectrum of innovative financing components. A promissory note is an alternative financing instrument with a high level of flexibility and is an established product.

A promissory note enables the bundling of individual loans under a uniform documentation, which is distributed among several investors.

This financing alternative allows you quick access to a capital market orientation, and also protects existing credit lines from your core banks and generally does not require collateral.

We offer promissory notes for the following financing reasons:

  • General corporate financing
  • Refinancing of financial liabilities due
  • Diversification/expansion of the investor/lender base
  • Relief of existing credit lines of core banks
  • Expansion financing
  • Green finance: financing of "green“ and/or sustainable measures via green or ESG-linked promissory notes

Your benefits:

  • Savings in issuance and management costs (compared to bonds)
  • Proximity to the capital markets for companies not eligible for issuance (without external rating)
  • Medium-term financing without further earmarking
  • Easily structured and flexible contract documentation
  • Increase in awareness on the capital market with corresponding relief for subsequent transactions
  • Discretion and confidentiality (compared to bonds) on request; exclusion of certain investors possible

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