Green Bonds

NORD/LB is well aware that its sustainability performance can only be improved together with its stakeholders. The bank is therefore intensively dealing with all aspects of the new regulations and sharing its knowledge with its customers. The aim is to offer taxonomy-compliant products and thus continuously improve the quality of our own Green Bond program. NORD/LB has the option of issuing green senior and subordinated bonds (bearer or registered bonds), green covered bonds (“Green Pfandbrief”), green promissory notes, green deposits and green commercial paper. These funds are used exclusively to finance energy-efficient (i.e. green) buildings, such as new buildings, replacement buildings, project developments, certified existing financing and energy-efficient renovations of buildings. In 2022, NORD/LB's Green Bond Framework was updated and now also includes renewable energies, i.e. photovoltaics, wind onshore & offshore as well as battery storage.

NORD/LB is an official member of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and follows the Green Bond Principles (GBP). ISS ESG is commissioned by NORD/LB to review the implementation of the Green Bond Principles and the sustainability of the bank's entire Green Bond program.

Asset class


Outstanding volume


Day of issue


Mortgage Pfandbrief DE000NLB4Y34 500 €m 2.875% 12 Jan 2024 13 Jan 2031
Mortgage Pfandbrief DE000NLB3Z75 500 €m 2.25% 20 Sept 2022 20 Sept 2027
Mortgage Pfandbrief DE000NLB3UX1 500 €m 0.01% 23 Sept  2021 23 Sept 2026
Mortgage Pfandbrief DE000DHY4994 500 €m 0.25% 10 Sept 2018 10 Dec 2024
Senior Preferred DE000NLB4RS5 500 €m 4.875% 11 July 2023 11 July 2028