Green banking – definitely more than just a trendy topic!

Everyone is talking about sustainability. Some may ask themselves "What does it matter to me?" or "Am I affected by it, too?". For some, it may just be lip service because it sounds fashionable or trendy. However, the reality of life shows that it is a topic that is actually relevant to every individual. Climate change can no longer be ignored. The natural disasters of recent times in particular should convince even sceptics that this is a threatening phenomenon that is not only topical, but also poses a threat to everyone personally in the medium and long term. The catastrophes of 2021 alone, e.g. in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and China, show that people's lives, health and property are at risk all over the globe. The economic damage alone is almost regularly in the billions.

But it is not only climate change that sharpens sustainable thinking. The finite nature and widespread availability of natural, raw and food resources are also issues of political and social relevance. These questions, and in particular those concerning conduct with integrity and in compliance with the law, also and especially apply to financial institutes such as NORD/LB. The United Nations (UN) has defined "17 Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs), which are intended to serve as a guideline for business enterprises and national economies in sustainable development at an economic, social and ecological level. Not all of these goals are relevant for banks, but some are very obvious. For example, NORD/LB has been financing the agricultural sector for 175 years and is thus indirectly involved in the supply of food (see UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, "Zero Hunger").


NORD/LB successfully launches first Green Pfandbrief

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank successfully issued its first Green Pfandbrief on 15 September 2021. The benchmark bond with a volume of 500 million euros has a term of 5 years and is expected to have a Moody's rating of Aa1. The Green Pfandbrief is secured by a cover pool of real estate loans. This link guides you to our press release



Interview on the topic of sustainability and green bonds.

"From acquisition to funding, these assets are part of the green value chain. That is our mission."
Interview with NORD/LB CFO Olof Seidel; Interviewer: Juergen Klebe, NORD/LB Investor Relations

Sustainability in our business segments

However, what has been achieved so far is only an intermediate step in the development of the topic of sustainability at NORD/LB. The bank is currently reviewing its portfolio with the aim of identifying further dimensions, characteristics, opportunities or even just potential that has not yet been raised or recognised or not yet taken into account in all business segments. The intention is to further develop the bank in all ESG areas (= Environmental, Social, Governance).



  • 2018

    Deutsche Hypo

    Green Mortgage Covered Bond,
    September 2018 - December 2024, 0.25%

  • 2017

    Deutsche Hypo

    Green Mortgage Covered Bonds,
    November 2017 - November 2023, 0.125%

  • 2020

    NORD/LB Covered Bond Bank, Luxembourg

    Lettres de Gage énergies renouvalables, Green Covered Bond, January 2020 - January 2025, 0.05%