NORD/LB introduces cloud- and real-time-based li-quidity management system

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank is introducing a cloud- and real-time-based liquidity management system in the Treasury division. The Treasury division is responsible for managing liquidity, funding and in-terest-rate and currency risks. The division also has market access to the international money and capital markets.

With the introduction of this system, NORD/LB's Treasury division will in future be able to record data flows in real time. The new liquidity management system is therefore an ideal supplement to NORD/LB's existing bank management. It creates maximum flexibility and also generates considerable synergy effects. Furthermore, the new liquidity management system offers additional advantages in cash management, from which the bank's corporate customers in particular will benefit. The real-time treasury system was developed by Planixs, a fintech company focusing on real-time solutions for liquidity management.

The application, as used at NORD/LB, is based on modern and future-oriented cloud technology. This will enable the bank to adapt required capacities and computing power flexibly and with significantly reduced lead times in line with demand in the future. The combination of cloud- and real-time-based liquidity management is now being used in this form for the first time in the German banking system.

Kornelie-Reiner Steinbach, Head of Liquidity Management, says: "With the implementation, NORD/LB is providing a future-proof, cloud-based solution in intraday liquidity management, which can also serve as a basis for other areas of application within the scope of digitalisation in the Savings Bank Financial Group."

The implementation is part of the modernisation of NORD/LB's IT landscape. As part of the ongoing transformation programme, the bank will invest significantly in future technologies, i.e. new IT systems and digitalisation initiatives.

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