How you can do good with your money: our foundation consulting

You have no heirs or your heirs are already well provided for? Do you have a particular issue close to your heart? You want to give something back to society, provide for your family or secure the succession of your company?

// Foundations

Foundations are the heart of society. Behind every foundation are founders who want to make or maintain a difference and people who help to fulfil the foundation's purpose with a great deal of commitment and heart and soul.

With a foundation, you make a long-term commitment to a purpose of your choice. For this purpose, you divest yourself of your assets and contribute them to a foundation. The assets are invested as safely and profitably as possible. The earnings and other income (e.g. donations) are then used to realise charitable projects within the scope of the foundation's purpose. 

// Which is the right way for you to get involved?

Is the establishment of your own foundation with legal capacity (charitable foundation or family foundation) the right way for you or rather an engagement via a trust foundation? Should the foundation preserve the assets (eternal foundation) or consume them (consumption foundation)? Or can your founder's will alternatively be fulfilled through an endowment or donation?

Within the framework of our holistic approach, your individual situation and taking into account your very personal motives, we will be happy to accompany you in the decision-making process.

// You already have a foundation? Great.

Advice on investment guidelines for foundations

Give your foundation assets the necessary framework to make responsibly comprehensible investment decisions.

Investment of foundation assets

Low interest rates, high costs, investment in individual investments, foundation funds or individual asset management? The investment of foundation assets is challenging.

We have the right contact for you to invest your assets in a future-oriented and sustainable way.

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