Legal notice

  1. The following information is aimed solely at interested parties headquartered or resident in Germany. Where the Final Terms of any financial instrument issued by NORD/LB indicate that such instrument is also intended for a public offering in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the information related to such instrument is also aimed at interested parties headquartered or resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. No onward transmission to third parties is permitted for legal reasons.
  2. The information does not constitute an offer or a recommendation to purchase securities or make specific investments and does not constitute an offer in respect of investors that are subject to different legal systems, in particular those of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This shall also apply where individual issuers or securities are mentioned. This cannot replace investment- and asset-related consultation tailored to the investor's individual circumstances. Please contact the relevant advisor at NORD/LB as required.
  3. Before acquiring securities described on this website (hereinafter referred to as "securities"), you should read the relevant securities prospectus, updated by supplements if necessary, and in the case of base prospectuses including the relevant final terms (together the "Prospectus"), with regard to their features and the risks associated with the securities. The Prospectus may be downloaded from this website and may also be provided by NORD/LB Friedrichswall 10, 30159 Hannover, upon request, free of charge on a durable medium or, if expressly requested, in paper form. All information available on this website must at all times be read in conjunction with the relevant prospectus and key information document. With regard to NORD/LB's own issues, only the terms and conditions applicable to the specific financial instrument, which form part of the securities certificate, as well as the respective published base prospectus, the respective final terms and the respective registration document of NORD/LB are legally binding. Before purchasing the securities, you should read the aforementioned documents and discuss any questions with your financial advisor.
  4. The purchase of securities is associated with financial risks. Under unfavourable circumstances, issuer- or product-specific risks may materialize and lead to a total loss of the capital invested. Please refer to the prospectus for a description of issuer- or product-specific risks.
  5. If the page for a security indicates that the offering period has ended, the respective security will no longer be offered to the public and the respective prospectus will no longer be updated by way of supplements. Users should therefore refer to the details on the status of information on such securities. The information published on this website for such security does not constitute a marketing communication and is for information purposes only. NORD/LB no longer consents to the use of the prospectus for a public offering of such security. Purchases and sales of the security will only take place in the secondary market.
  6. It should be noted that NORD/LB may from time to time, for hedging and other purposes, purchase or sell securities, commodities, futures contracts or options, or hold positions therein, that are identical to or related to such securities. This may potentially have an effect on the value of the securities. NORD/LB may also be a calculation agent for underlying securities and, as such, may make determinations that affect the value of the securities. It is possible that NORD/LB may pay commissions to distributors in connection with the distribution of a security. Such commission payments will affect the investor's ability to earn a return. Further information on commission payments is available upon request.
  7. Except for any NORD/LB Prospectus or the Final Terms of any financial instrument issued by NORD/LB the details and information contained on our website are based on public sources. The correctness, completeness and topicality of any information derived from such public sources has not been verified by NORD/LB. This also applies to all other websites that are referenced via hyperlinks.
  8. Opinions or recommendations reflect the view of the respective contributor and do not necessarily represent the opinion of NORD/LB. They may be changed without prior notice.

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