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For over 20 years, NORD/LB has participated as a financer of infrastructure projects - with a major focus on social infrastructure and especially on the sectors of accommodation, education, blue light, waste/water, street lighting as well as transportation and rolling stock.

Our specialists know the unique aspects of each of these areas, since they possess many years of local industry knowledge and comprehensive product know-how. This professional expertise, combined with a strong team approach and customer-oriented thinking and action, makes us one well versed partner in all negotiations and transactions and in developing individual financing solutions and structures.

Through effective consulting services, we offer our customers critical added value, which goes beyond the pure providing of credit. We accompany and support you from the beginning of the tender to the conclusion of the contract. Our pragmatic and flexible handling of structures and risks and our openness for new ideas enables us to often find unconventional solutions.

We look for collaboration with internationally and nationally operating infrastructure sponsors that want to work together in a confidential way on the basis of a long-term and sustainable partnership with their structuring bank. In the completed projects, we can look back on great customer satisfaction - a confirmation of our strengths and our philosophy. Only the success of our customers is our success.

Our approach

This sector includes financing structures where residential, work or storage facilities are built or managed in the interests of the public or by contract. It includes both projects in social residential housing and town halls or libraries.

This fairly pictorial term includes the structuring of so-called blue light projects such as e.g. hospitals, police stations and fire stations. Particularly in the health market, we possess many years of expertise. NORD/LB e.g. entered the growth market of "fire departments" in Great Britain early on.

In this sector, we pursue both the public finance initiative business and public private partnership business as well as project financing such as the construction and operation of waste-to-energy power plants. The public's involvement is usually by providing trash with the simultaneous payment of a disposal fee. In this market, our expertise has distinguished itself through many years of experience and very good technical understanding so that we are able to produce tailored financing concepts for our customers at all times.

Behind this heading are PPP projects that light up our cities. Street and sign lights, traffic light systems and similar are achieved, together with the management of energy, through private investors.

In the rail sector we structure project-related financing solutions for our customers along the whole value chain, advising the public transportation authority, the manufacturer, the operating lessor and the operator. Our product expertise ranges from public-private partnership models for track construction, maintenance facilities and other rail infrastructure to asset-backed vehicle financing. We focus particularly on licence-related regional passenger rail transport.

Structured Finance Infrastructure Europe

Origination and Portfolio Management

Origination – your structuring partner with special focus on our core sectors: Social Infrastructure (PPP/PFI) and Transportation / Transportation Infrastructure

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Portfolio Management – your partner throughout the life of the project: Our teams offer over 20 years of experience in financing and managing projects in the infrastructure sector.

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At the renowned Partnerships Awards in London, NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has been named Debt Provider of the Year for the third time in a row. The Partnership Awards are one of the biggest and most important events for infrastructure financing through public-private partnerships (PPP). Despite its comparatively small team, NORD/LB came out on top in a competitive field.

The jury praised the Bank's continual readiness to cooperate, as well as its innovative approaches in providing long-term financing for infrastructure PPPs under competitive conditions. One of the refinancing methods used was the Luxembourg Pfandbrief (lettre de gage) of NORD/LB's CBB subsidiary.

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