Our ideas are extremely innovative - like the energies in which we invest.

Since the middle of the 90s, NORD/LB has been a lender to renewable energy projects and was pioneering in the early financing of wind power. With countless lending mandates now successfully delivered for wind and solar parks, it is one of the top arrangers in the European, American and Australasian market today.

We help our customers achieve their targets with our expertise, know-how and commitment. With the experience and the support of our external market, technical and legal advisers, we are capable of assessing the opportunities and risks in a way that is hardly possible for any other bank. In our financing plans, we include possible funds as well as considerations regarding potential buyers and relevant markets. Our extensive network in the area of renewable energies ensures that we are able to offer our customers tailored solutions for their individual financing needs.

One of the largest and longest existing renewable energy portfolios is the basis for extensive know-how and represents indispensable added value in the advising and structuring of future projects.

We provide these services with a cross border team located in Hanover and London as well with additional specialists in New York and Singapore.

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