Leading market position worldwide

With over 35 years of success in the market and a financing volume of approx. EUR 4 billion, we are one of the leading commercial aircraft financers in the world. Our conservatively composed portfolio consists of over 400 airplanes with attention paid to the latest generation of marketable objects with the most modern technology.

In the interests of risk and income diversification, we have also established ourselves as a leading object financer for airplane engines in recent years and successfully expanded our financing focus to freight machines.

Customer Orientation and Expertise

While many other banks withdrew from the segment of aircraft financing in the recent financial, economic and also air traffic crisis, NORD/LB confirmed this as a core business segment. Thus we were also able to stand by the side of our national and international target customers, in a difficult market environment for the financing of their airplane orders, acting as a competent and reliable partner and simultaneously emphasising our market presence, which is focused on the long term.

Industry Understanding and Product Expertise

Thanks to many years of experience, our specialist team possesses sophisticated industry knowledge, excellent familiarity with the object and a profound understanding of individual customer needs from various segments of the aviation industry (airlines, manufacturers, leasing providers, maintenance companies and fund companies).

With proven structuring and financing expertise, we offer our target customers an extensive product portfolio and customised solutions as part of market- and risk-adjusted financing guidelines. An externally conducted survey confirmed the exceptional satisfaction of our customers and serves as an incentive to meet the high expectations in the future, too.

With professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm, we create added value for our customers on the one hand, while we also use our risk-conscious, sustainable approach to make a significant contribution to the earnings of our company as well as the profits of our shareholders.

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