The best of both worlds

Need-based consulting for financial decisions

As a customer of NORD/LB, you profit from the services of NORD/LB and Braunschweigische Landessparkasse (Braunschweig state savings bank), and thus receive the best to both worlds. In us you will find advice that provides you with qualified support in all important financial decisions. We offer you continuous supervision of your finances - today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

We analyse your current financial situation, consider your current and future circumstances, identify where you are well covered and where action should be taken, thus developing your ideal future strategy.

NORD/LB offers you all the bank services that you will need. These are some examples:

  • giro account
  • call money account
  • credit cards
  • loans
  • construction loans
  • online banking
  • investing
  • insurance
  • pensions
  • home loan savings

We focus on you. We show you the potential that is actually in your finances. We ideally coordinate all the financial cornerstones for you - service and liquidity, hedging risks in your life, private retirement pensions, building wealth - so that you gain a flexible all-around strategy for your financial situation.