The best of both worlds

Our goal in private banking is to offer you the best qualitative services and products within an open architecture. Our expertise begins with the analysis of your wealth structure and extends all the way to complete inheritance and foundation management. We complement our own range of services through intensive cooperation projects and strategic partnerships with relevant market leaders. Everything in terms of our desired goal of - offering you premium services.

With us, you will receive ultra-premium private banking, since you automatically gain the best of two successful banks. That of NORD/LB with the offers of an internationally active major bank and that of Braunschweigische Landessparkasse (Braunschweig state savings bank) as a regionally affiliated business. Connected with the entire range of services from the savings bank Group, the largest financial institution in the world.

Our fields:

  • Asset planning
  • Individual savings supervision
  • Best-of strategy for investment funds
  • Asset management
  • Investment products
  • Real estate and project financing
  • Inheritance and foundation management
  • Insurance

Personal support by your relationship manager. Your professional advisor and the guarantor for your complete success: This is the simplest formula for our relationship manager.

It is his responsibility to understand your individual profile and develop a unique programme tailored to you on this basis. This is done with the systematic inclusion of experienced specialists in all implementation processes, beginning with the planning of your financial concept and extending all the way to implementation in wealth consulting or inheritance and foundation matters.

But above all: Your relationship manager has time for you. Since his circle of clients is small.

Private Banking on an international level:


Products and Services

You will find our comprehensive range of offers, including product information, product videos and sample calculations at the website of the Braunschweigische Landessparkasse (Braunschweig state savings bank).

Naturally, you can obtain a product as usual through your customer advisor at NORD/LB.

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