Doing business sustainably pays off

Together with the guidelines that apply to the bank as a whole, there are further guidelines which direct and govern the economic, environmental and social aspects of its conduct of business (ESG approach).

NORD/LB is not just one of the leading providers of financing for renewable energy in Germany and Europe, it also offers the sector a variety of new opportunities. The bank supports its clients in their own sustainability efforts and realises new opportunities for its companies in their core business while simultaneously contributing to a forward-looking energy supply and energy consumption.

NORD/LB actively addresses the issues facing businesses and municipalities and develops solutions that contribute to ensuring sustainability. These include corporate succession and capital management services as well as financial solutions for forward-looking urban development in the area of housing.

NORD/LB offers its private and institutional investors the opportunity to choose a sustainability approach for their investments, investing their funds in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion. Beyond the offering of investment products, the bank also advocates for the creation of appropriate market structures.

For more information see the chapter Clients and products in the
>2019 Sustainability Report (PDF, 3,8 MB)