Sector Strategy – Our sectors comprehensively screened

The analyses focus on opportunity/risk profiles of entire sectors, the anticipation of cycles and the evaluation of selected megatrends. The collected information and forecasts are compressed into meaningful results and used for client visits, presentations, analyses and reporting.

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Sector Universe/ Coverage

In our publications we inform you about current market developments, trends and news in selected industries with a clear focus:

The decarbonisation of the energy supply system with rapid changes in regulation, market developments and technological innovations such as sector coupling, e-mobility, electrification of the heat market or hydrogen technologies.

Health Care
Health-Care markets and their interacting providers and recipients of medical and care services in an innovative but highly regulated sector.

Real Estate
On the one hand, the commercial real estate market (office, retail, hotel and logistics) and, on the other hand, the residential real estate markets in Germany and Europe.

The basis of supply chains: global forwarding by air, ocean and road as well as contract logistics like procurement, warehousing, distribution and value-added-services.

Global development of passenger traffic and airfreight including the civil aviation industry (e.g. aircraft types).

Engineering & Industrials
All phases of the manufacturing process from the development to the sales model of machines, equipment and plants from a wide range of industrial sectors.

Real Estate

Current issue

The country analysis of the Spanish real estate market examines the current market development in the individual asset classes of office, retail, hotel and logistics against the background of current uncertainties. It explores the future prospects for each individual asset class, taking into account what risks or challenges, if any, need to be considered. The study illustrates that the Spanish real estate market can stand up to current economic and geopolitical challenges. Investment and development prospects for 2023 are viewed positively, although the market environment remains challenging.

NORD/LB Research Real Estate Special: Spain: Real estate market defies uncertain market conditions (PDF, 2 MB)



Current issue

Latin American passenger air traffic is characterised by above-average growth, often decoupled from economic development. Latin America will also be one of the first regions to regain pre-crisis levels after the pandemic. Restructuring and ongoing consolidation should drive the profitability of Latin American airlines further towards the global average.

NORD/LB Aviation Monitor Latin America September 2022 (PDF, 951 KB)