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Our macro research focuses on estimates, comments and forecasts regarding the economy, interest rates, currencies and developments on the global financial markets. Our analyses and forecasts are geared towards fundamental factors as well as short-term observations that are very close to the market. The Macro Research team has regularly received awards from various independent institutions for the accuracy of its forecasts.

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Economic Adviser

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Special: ESG guidelines pave the way // USA: The Fed can now afford to watch and wait // Euroland: Low sentiment - ECB to pause on rate hikes? // Germany: Economy entrenched in a phase of weakness // Switzerland: Strong CHF - SNB with one last hike? // Japan: Ueda's first major policy move // China: Geostrategist Xi calls off consumption party // Britain: BoEs concerns about wage movements in UK

Economic Adviser September 2023 (PDF, 2 MB)

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