NORD/LB with further expansion of agricultural banking business

The growth trend in agricultural banking business at NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank is continuing at a healthy pace. Fiscal 2012 saw the bank's Agricultural Banking division register total lendings more than 10 percent up on the previous year's figures – thus consolidating the positioning of NORD/LB as Germany's leading finance provider in the agricultural sector. The number of Agricultural Banking account managers has been increased by 30 percent to ensure sustained growth in the coming years.

Besides the traditional branches of agricultural business, a focal element of NORD/LB's activity in recent years has been the financing of technical facilities for regenerative energy production, with particular emphasis on facilities closely linked entrepreneurially with agricultural holdings. Further focal activities include financing the purchase of entire businesses or certain of their operations. The bank also finances companies in the agricultural supply and processing sectors, with particular focus on the sphere of agricultural trading.

"The growing degrees of liberalization and internationalization in the agricultural markets are making it all the more necessary for agricultural businesses to have a financing partner with extensive industry expertise at their side", said Dr. Rüdiger Fuhrmann, head of Agricultural Banking at NORD/LB. "With its long years of experience, wealth of know-how and a team of qualified agricultural engineers, NORD/LB can be relied upon to provide the right advisory services for all needs and requirements." 

In all, NORD/LB serviced around 8,500 agricultural customers throughout Germany in fiscal 2012, with a business volume of approximately EUR 1.9 billion.


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