NORD/LB finances solar rooftop projects in France

Close collaboration with Denmark-based OBTON A/S

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has financed further solar rooftop projects in France and, in the course of this, has continued to collaborate with Danish fund manager OBTON A/S. The total financing volume for the three projects closed in 2016 together with OBTON amounts to € 48 million.

Following the successful finalisation of the Sheepfarm project in April 2016, it has now been possible to complete the financing for two further portfolios - Batisolaire and ENR 1. In the Batisolaire project, solar systems were installed on nine agricultural buildings. ENR 1 is a project that covers 33 sites where solar panels have been mounted onto the roofs of schools and commercial buildings. The projects have locations in various French regions and went into operation between 2011 and 2013. The fact that it was possible to sign the contracts for the three solar financings within just five months is evidence of the efficient and exceptionally good collaboration between NORD/LB and OBTON.

NORD/LB has been involved in international solar energy projects for more than ten years already. Moreover, it has been active in the financing of renewable energies for over 20 years. The current financing volume for renewables amounts to € 9.3 billion. To-date, NORD/LB has financed solar and wind energy projects in France with a total output of over 500 megawatts.


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