NORD/LB Brunswick


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NORD/LB Brunswick

The main office of NORD/LB and Braunschweigische Landessparkasse at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz in Braunschweig comprises three building parts: the historical railway station, known as the Ottmerbau, that was built in 1845 based on a design by Carl Theodor Ottmer and used as a railway station until 1960; the former computer centre Haus Bürgerpark; and the office block with its associated low-rise buildings that was finished in 1975.

The external areas surrounding the buildings are laid out as green areas and the entire plot, with a size of 28,000 square metres, is surrounded by the Oker river and is therefore referred to as the "island".

After NORD/LB was formed in 1970 (merger of Niedersächsische Landesbank, Braunschweigische Staatsbank, Hannoversche Landeskreditanstalt and Niedersächsische Wohnungskreditanstalt-Stadtschaft), and since the Braunschweigische Landessparkasse was set up in 2008, the Ottmerbau has been used for Private Banking consultation and the Haus Bürgerpark as a branch. The office block serves as an administrative building.

NORD/LB Brunswick

Opening of the Ottmerbau (old station): 1845
Opening of the Haus Bürgerpark (former computer centre): 1972
Opening of office block: 1975
Plot size: 28.500 sqm
Gross floor area: 27.000 sqm (excluding basement storeys and underground car park)
Main floor area: 24.500 sqm
Capacity: 150.000 cbm
Office workspaces: ca. 620 (office block and low-rise buildings)
approx. 65 (Ottmerbau)
approx. 90 (Haus Bürgerpark)
Parking spaces in the underground car park, on the parking level and in the employee car park: 450


NORD/LB Corporate Communication
Friedrichswall 10
30159 Hannover


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