09.12.2016>NORD/LB finances two wind farms in Lower Saxony and Italy

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank is behind the financing of two wind farms for Danish project developer European Energy A/S. The project in the German federal state of Lower Saxony involves the existing Gilmerdingen wind farm in the Heide district, where the older turbines are being replaced by more efficient and more powerful units as part of a repowering programme.

25.10.2016>NORD/LB issues 10-year Jumbo Pfandbrief

Monday saw NORD/LB issue a 10-year public-sector Pfandbrief with a face value of EUR 750 million.

05.10.2016>NORD/LB finances solar rooftop projects in France

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has financed further solar rooftop projects in France and, in the course of this, has continued to collaborate with Danish fund manager OBTON A/S. The total financing volume for the three projects closed in 2016 together with OBTON amounts to € 48 million.

30.09.2016>Günter Tallner appointed new Board Member responsible for the Corporate Customers and Special Finance businesses at NORD/LB

At its meeting this Friday, the Supervisory Board of the NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank appointed Günter Tallner (54) as a new member of the Managing Board. Tallner will assume responsibility for the corporate customers business as well as for the Bank’s special finance business.

30.09.2016>Christoph Dieng appointed new Chief Risk Officer of NORD/LB

Christoph Dieng (48) will become the new Chief Risk Officer (CRO) on the Managing Board of NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank. This was decided by the Bank’s Supervisory Board in its meeting this Friday.

31.08.2016>Joint statement by the owners on securing the future of Bremer Landesbank

The owners of Bremer Landesbank (BLB), Norddeutsche Landesbank (NORD/LB), the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (FHB) and the Lower Saxony Association of Savings Banks (SVN) have, after intensive negotiations, reached agreement to the effect that BLB is to become a fully owned subsidiary of NORD/LB. To this end the FHB and SVN will sell their shares in BLB to NORD/LB. The future of BLB is thus secured.

24.08.2016>NORD/LB with challenging first half-year

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank closed the first half of 2016 with earnings before taxes of minus € 364 million. The consolidated loss after taxes totalled € 406 million. In the midst of a challenging environment, the Bank was able to maintain its good earnings position in practically all of its business segments. At the same time, due to the severe deterioration in the situation on the shipping markets, the Bank increased its risk provisioning from ship financing significantly. The increase in the risk provisioning is also partly due to the previously announced reduction in NORD/LB’s shipping portfolio, in which the Bank already has a number of initial successes to report. Since the end of 2015, the value of the shipping portfolio has been reduced from € 19.0 billion to € 17.9 billion.

22.08.2016>Investors, including KKR Credit, acquire initial shipping portfolio of about USD 1.5 billion from NORD/LB

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank and KKR Credit have reached an agreement by which, subject to completion of certain conditions precedents, KKR Credit, together with a sovereign wealth fund (the “Investors”), will acquire a portfolio of performing and non-performing shipping loans originated by NORD/LB.

09.08.2016>NORD/LB and Talanx finance two solar parks in Brandenburg

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank and Talanx have jointly provided their support with project financing for two solar parks already in operation since 2010 close to the town of Cottbus in South Brandenburg. This marks the first opportunity for NORD/LB to work with the institutional investor Talanx. As part of this strategic cooperation, NORD/LB and investors of the Talanx Group jointly provided long-term loans upon financial close. NORD/LB handled the arrangement of project financing with the sponsors.

28.06.2016>Sustainability Report 2015: NORD/LB increases Business with Renewable Energies

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has steadily increased its business across the Group with renewable energies. The financing volume for renewable energies has increased in the last three years by around 21 per cent to € 9.3 billion. Wind energy accounts for the majority of the finance with around 76 per cent (€ 7.1 billion), while solar energy accounts for 14 per cent (€ 1.3 billion) and biogas plants for a further 10 per cent (€ 0.9 billion). These figures are revealed by the bank’s latest Sustainability Report, which covers all the relevant economic, social and environmental activities of the Group in the financial year 2015.

10.06.2016>Statement regarding Bremer Landesbank

NORD/LB, the Lower Saxony Savings Bank Association and the City of Bremen assume joint responsibility for keeping Bremer Landesbank's capital intact at an appropriate level.

18.05.2016>NORD/LB presents figures for the first quarter

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank closed the first quarter of 2016 with earnings before taxes of minus € 98 million. This was largely due to the situation in the shipping markets deteriorating again and the bank making a significant increase to its risk provisioning of € 435 million as a result. Consolidated profit totalled minus € 84 million. In the first quarter of 2015 the bank had achieved earnings before taxes of € 229 million.

10.05.2016>NORD/LB finances French roof-mounted solar project

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank finances the acquisition and operation of a roof-mounted solar power portfolio in France for Danish fund manager OBTON A/S. The overall financing volume amounts to EUR 22 million.

10.05.2016>NORD/LB offers new fund solution for foundations

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank now provides its expertise in the management of foundation assets also in the form a fund solution. The Nordlux Pro – StiftungsPartner A fund combines predictable, regular distributions with the goal of asset maintenance for foundations. Foundation managers benefit from a direct line to the portfolio management team and additional advisory services. Due to its long-term, global investment strategy and low fees, the fund with an asset management character is also suitable for private investors.

07.04.2016>NORD/LB satisfied with business results for 2015

In financial year 2015 NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank achieved earnings before taxes of € 653 million, more than doubling the prior year’s result (€ 276 million). The same applies to the consolidated profit, which totalled € 518 million (prior year: € 205 million).

07.04.2016>Thomas Bürkle appointed new Chairman of the Managing Board of NORD/LB

The Supervisory Board of NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank appointed the bank’s current Chief Risk Officer, Thomas S. Bürkle, as the Chairman of the Managing Board with effect of 1 January 2017. Mr. Bürkle will take over from Dr. Gunter Dunkel, who has decided to retire at the end of the year.

10.03.2016>NORD/LB behind hybrid project financing transaction for the first time in Europe

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has implemented a hybrid project financing transaction for renewable energies for the first time in Europe. This involved a structured bank loan in combination with long-term funds furnished by institutional investors. The financing enabled the acquisition of an operating wind power project in Ireland by leading developer and wind farm operator Gaelectric. Comprised of 16 turbines manufactured by Enercon (based in Aurich) with an overall capacity of 46 MW, the wind farm is located in County Kerry.

07.03.2016>Sandra Reich joins NORD/LB's Asia team

Dr. Sandra Reich, until now managing director of the Hamburg Stock Exchange and the Hanover Stock Exchange and member of the Executive Board of BÖAG Börsen AG – the parent company operating the two stock exchanges – is joining the management team at the Singapore branch of NORD/LB. She will be taking over there as head of the German Desk, which has the remit of assisting German companies in their business activities in Asia.

08.02.2016>NORD/LB finances major wind farm in France

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank finances the construction and subsequent operation of a major wind farm in France for the Austrian energy producer WEB Windenergie AG (W.E.B). The overall financing volume amounts to EUR 63 million.

27.11.2014>NORD/LB: Nine-month profit up to €364 million

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank achieved earnings before taxes of € 364 million in the first nine months of the current year, while its consolidated profit totalled € 251 million. This was significantly higher than the previous year’s figure (€ 108 million before tax / € 112 million after tax).

28.08.2014>NORD/LB records significant increase in profit in first half-year

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank achieved earnings before taxes of € 348 million in the first half of 2014, while its consolidated profit totalled € 243 million. The bank’s half-year earnings are therefore well above the previous year’s figures (earnings before taxes € 96 million, consolidated profit € 87 million).

02.07.2014>NORD/LB consolidates its market position in Saxony-Anhalt

NORD/LB Landesbank for Saxony-Anhalt has expressed satisfaction with the development of its business in the federal state. "We have further consolidated our market position in the region", as Dr. Hinrich Holm, member of the NORD/LB Managing Board, told journalists last Wednesday in Magdeburg. "We, in collaboration with the savings banks, have established ourselves as the premier address for financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of the regional SMEs". He added that 2013 and the first six months of 2014 not only generated pleasing results in the corporate business segment but also in NORD/LB's other spheres of activity in Saxony-Anhalt. This was particularly the case in agricultural banking and the financing of renewable energies. The slight drop of 1.5 percent in the bank's overall financing volume in Saxony-Anhalt was attributable to special effects in individual business segments, for example the improved financial situation among the municipal authorities.

25.06.2014>NORD/LB and ERGO Versicherungsgruppe finance acquisition of municipal housing in Berlin

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has, together with ERGO Versicherungsgruppe, provided finance for the acquisition of a residential property portfolio by Gewobag Berlin in the amount of EUR 87 million. EUR 54 million of the loan is financed by ERGO with a fixed interest rate for 20 years. The residential housing portfolio comprises 1,058 residential and commercial units in Berlin, which Gewobag has integrated into its total portfolio of 58,000 residential units.

27.05.2014>NORD/LB starts 2014 with profit

NORD/LB achieved earnings before taxes of EUR 133 million in the first quarter of 2014, while the consolidated profit totalled EUR 92 million. NORD/LB closed the first three months of the previous year due to a significant increase in loan loss provisions with earnings before taxes of minus EUR 46 million. In 2013 as a whole NORD/LB achieved earnings before taxes of EUR 161 million.

07.05.2014>NORD/LB presents its first Group-wide Sustainability Report for 2013

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has presented its first Group-wide Sustainability Report. The report covers the Group’s entire relevant economic, social and ecological performance for the financial year 2013.

29.04.2014>Significant increase in profit for NORD/LB in 2013

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank increased its profit significantly in the financial year 2013. The Group achieved earnings before reorganisation and taxes of EUR 268 million, following EUR 131 million in the previous year, while its earnings before taxes totalled EUR 161 million (previous year: EUR 78 million). Due to tax revenue as a result of one-off effects, earnings after taxes totalled EUR 245 million (EUR 82 million).

10.04.2014>NORD/LB issues subordinated bond with a volume of USD 500 million

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank has issued a subordinated bond with a volume of USD 500 million. The Tier 2 issue has a term of 10 years and was priced at the USD swap rate plus 333 basis points.

27.03.2014>Investors back high-quality NORD/LB credit portfolio “Northvest”

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank is offering institutional investors the opportunity to invest directly in the bank’s credit-based business model. In March it issued a securitisation tranche of an extensive credit portfolio comprising four asset classes from the books of NORD/LB.

09.12.2013>Thomas S. Bürkle new Chief Risk Officer of NORD/LB

The Supervisory Board decided in its meeting on Monday to appoint Thomas S. Bürkle as the new Chief Risk Officer of NORD/LB. Mr. Bürkle is currently the Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Hypothekenbank, a subsidiary of NORD/LB. He will take over from the outgoing Chief Risk Officer, Dr. Johannes-Jörg Riegler, on 1 January 2014.

29.08.2013>NORD/LB achieves earnings of EUR 96 million for the first half of the year

NORD/LB achieved earnings before taxes of EUR 96 million in the first half of 2013, while its consolidated profit totalled EUR 87 million. In the first six months of the previous year earnings before taxes totalled EUR 131 million and consolidated profit EUR 67 million.

02.08.2013>NORD/LB: Continued expansion of corporate banking business in Saxony-Anhalt

NORD/LB Landesbank for Saxony-Anhalt has further expanded its business with customers in the SME sector, and 2012 saw the bank's financing volume in corporate banking up by 3.4 percent to EUR 1,879 million (2011: EUR 1,817 million). The trend within the corporate customers segment was particularly positive in the sphere of agricultural banking, with business volume growth of 4.3 percent. Further focal spheres of NORD/LB's business activities in Saxony-Anhalt lie in the financing of residential housing, the arranging of capital market products for SMEs and involvement in major projects in the fields of renewable energies and public infrastructure.

26.07.2013>NORD/LB and HSH Nordbank finance French wind farm portfolio

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank and HSH Nordbank are providing project financing for a portfolio of four wind farms with a total capacity of 72 Megawatts (MW) located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardie regions in northern France.

26.06.2013>Caplantic: New service provider for investments in alternative assets

Caplantic Alternative Assets GmbH is a newly established company offering services for the management of alternative assets. This range of services includes the structuring, servicing and risk management of alternative investment products, with the focus on asset categories such as aircraft, renewable energies, real estate and infrastructure projects.

30.05.2013>NORD/LB: Shipping crisis affects earnings in first quarter

NORD/LB closed the first quarter of 2013 with a consolidated profit before taxes and reorganisation expenses of minus 30 million euros. The quarterly result was strongly affected by the significant increase in expenses for loan loss provisions in the amount of € 241 million, which were made primarily for ship financing. Consolidated profit after taxes totalled minus 32 million euros. In the first quarter of 2012 the bank had achieved a consolidated profit after taxes of 118 million euros.

27.05.2013>NORD/LB with further expansion of agricultural banking business

The growth trend in agricultural banking business at NORD/LB is continuing at a healthy pace. Fiscal 2012 saw the bank's Agricultural Banking division register total lendings more than 10 percent up on the previous year's figures – thus consolidating the positioning of NORD/LB as Germany's leading finance provider in the agricultural sector.

22.04.2013>Solid result for NORD/LB despite shipping crisis

NORD/LB closed the financial year 2012 with a consolidated profit before taxes and reorganisation expenses of EUR 129 million, while its consolidated profit after taxes totalled EUR 80 million.

01.02.2013>NORD/LB arranges purely US dollar-denominated Floating Rate Assignable Loan for the first time

NORD/LB and HSBC have cooperated on arranging a Floating Rate Assignable Loan (German „Schuldscheindarlehen“) denominated solely in US dollars in the amount of USD 70 million in all for the Neumann Coffee Group, headquartered in Hamburg and the world's leading service provider in the sphere of green coffee.

10.12.2012>Dr. Johannes-Jörg Riegler appointed Deputy Chairman of the NORD/LB Managing Board

At its meeting today, Monday, 10 December 2012, the Supervisory Board of NORD/LB appointed Dr. Johannes-Jörg Riegler (48) as Deputy Chairman of the bank’s Managing Board.

03.10.2012>Statement regarding EU Capital Exercise

NORD/LB notes the announcements made today by the European Banking Authority and Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht regarding the final assessment of the capital exercise and fulfilment of the EBA December 2011 Recommendation, which shows the following result for NORD/LB.

21.09.2012>NORD/LB with further expansion of its activities in North Rhine-Westphalia

NORD/LB is expanding its activities in the federal German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Thursday last week saw the official opening of the enlarged NORD/LB branch office premises situated on Düsseldorf's renowned Königsallee boulevard; this took place within the framework of a customer event attended by some 50 guests representing companies from all sectors of industry who made use of the occasion for personal on-the-spot talks.

29.08.2012>NORD/LB achieves earnings of EUR 131 million for the first half of the year

NORD/LB achieved earnings before taxes of EUR 131 million in the first half of 2012. Consolidated profit totalled EUR 67 million. In the first six months of 2011 earnings before taxes totalled EUR 273 million and consolidated profit EUR 199 million.

28.08.2012>NORD/LB places structured credit product

A premiere for NORD/LB is its launch of Blue Rock as an innovative credit product referencing Infrastructure asset class and sold to an institutional client. Within the framework of the transaction a mezzanine tranche from a high-grade loan portfolio of 20 British infrastructure projects originated and financed by NORD/LB has been placed.

25.07.2012>EU approves capital-boosting measures of NORD/LB

The EU Commission has as expected today approved the capital-boosting measures of NORD/LB. “This is final confirmation that NORD/LB meets the increased capital requirements of the EU in full and on time,” explains the Chairman of the Managing Board of NORD/LB, Dr. Gunter Dunkel.

10.07.2012>NORD/LB issues the world´s first Aircraft Pfandbrief

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank issued the world’s first Aircraft Pfandbrief today. The Pfandbrief has a volume of 500 million Euros, five-year maturity and the spread was fixed with 55 basis points over mid-swap.

05.07.2012>Lower Saxony's Prime Minister David McAllister and Dr. Gunter Dunkel: "NORD/LB can continue its successful development"

Joint press release of NORD/LB and Lower Saxony state government

02.07.2012>NORD/LB meets EU capital requirements

Core tier 1 capital to be increased by a further EUR 1.25 billion

14.06.2012>NORD/LB with further expansion of business with corporate customers in Saxony-Anhalt

NORD/LB Landesbank for Saxony-Anhalt has made a successful start into 2012, further expanding its business with corporate customers in the first quarter of the year. Growth in this sphere was above average, especially in the area of residential housing. Further key business activities of NORD/LB lie in agricultural banking and the financing of projects in the fields of renewable energies and public infrastructure.

31.05.2012>NORD/LB achieves good earnings in 1st quarter

NORD/LB achieved consolidated earnings before taxes of EUR 189 million in the first three months of the financial year 2012. In the first quarter of 2011 its earnings totalled EUR 125 million. Consolidated earnings after taxes rose to EUR 118 million (previous year's figure: EUR 76 million).

04.05.2012>NORD/LB establishes cultural foundation

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank is going to establish a cultural founda-tion headquartered in Hanover, Germany, that will bundle and intensify its funding of art and culture during the course of the year. In order to fund the foundation, the bank will part from the sculpture “Tulips” by Jeff Koons. The sculpture is planned to be sold at an international auction this autumn.

19.04.2012>NORD/LB with significant profit growth in 2011

NORD/LB has registered significant profit growth in fiscal 2011, with a consolidated after-tax figure of EUR 536 million as against the previous year's level of EUR 314 million. The Bank's earnings before taxes rose to EUR 730 (2010: 319) million.

12.03.2012>NORD/LB finances offshore wind farm installation vessel

NORD/LB is participating in the financing of an installation vessel for offshore wind energy farms. Commissioned by the international provider of construction-related services HOCHTIEF, the "VIDAR" is a jack-up vessel being built at the Crist shipyard in Poland and scheduled to go into service from 2013 onwards.

01.02.2012>NORD/LB finances the "Turnow II" solar park in Brandenburg

NORD/LB has taken over the project financing for the "Turnow II" solar park in the municipality of Turnow-Preilack near Cottbus in the federal state of Brandenburg. This follows the bank's co-financing in 2009 already of the directly adjacent "Turnow I" solar park on the former "Lieberoser Heide" military exercise area.


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