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NORD/LB Group financial figures.


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Thomas S. Bürkle

Introduction by the Chairman of the Managing Board

„We will continue to develop our business model and reorganise the structure of business segments within the Group.“


Peter-Jürgen Schneider

Introduction by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

„We created new possibilities to reshape the Group for the future and to lead NORD/LB as a whole back into calmer waters.“


On our own steam

Interview with Thomas Bürkle

Question: Mr Bürkle, you assumed the reins as Chairman of the Managing Board of NORD/LB at the start of the year. Would you have wanted the times to be different for your start?

Thomas Bürkle: In life, it´s not about wishing, it´s about doing. Of course, the environment in which we now find ourselves isn´t easy. And of course the loss that NORD/LB posted in 2016 is painful. Important to remember though is the following: The loss is not the result of a weakness in operations, but is rather the necessary consequence of a massive cautionary measure. It is therefore more a sign of strength and certainty of action and not an indication of weak profitability or of a defect in the business model.

>the Interview

Hedging risks. Optimising portfolio quality. Improving efficiency.


€ 12 to 14 billion

€ 420 million


In this year, we again expect positive earnings performance. We have set the course for this and for portfolio reduction with our risk provisioning measures.

Change of course with sustainable strategy

The hope of a recovery on the shipping markets was not realised in 2016 either, after now eight years of stormy seas. On the contrary, the situation once again intensified. For a Bank like NORD/LB, which has been an active lender to the shipping industry for over 45 years, these fundamentals have obviously had a considerable impact on earnings. For us, 2016 was the starting point for the implementation of a comprehensive set of measures for reorganisation in this sector.

  1. Increase in loan loss provisions
  2. Reduction of ship finance portfolio
  3. Selective and high-quality new business

>more about Ship Finance strategy

For an improved risk quality and a more profitable portfolio in the long term: In new shipping business, NORD/LB is increasingly focused on popular special ships. In particular, these are certain types of ferry and high-growth cruise ships.

Die Transformation schreitet voran

134 ships

The number of ships divested from our portfolio in 2016.

€ 2.2 billion

The extent by which the ship portfolio was scaled back in 2016.

39 ships

The number of ships acquired in the fields of cruise ships, ferries, tankers and special tonnage to the detriment of commercial shipping.

48 %

The extent of cover for non-performing loans through loan loss provisions.

Shipping and financial competence in a strong network

Joint Venture of NORD/LB, Offen Group and Caplantic

>Measures taken


Bremer Landesbank: now fully integrated into the NORD/LB Group

>Measures taken

Dr Ulrich Erxleben, Founding Member of Smacc

“Is NORD/LB ready for the digital future?”

For many years, we have had a flexible response to the changing requirements of clients and markets and have structured our offers accordingly. Of course, we are not a young start-up, but a bank which looks back on a long tradition – and as such, we can contribute towards the ascent of new and innovative ideas.

>Investments in FinTech

BLSK direkt: Service on all channels


The BLSK direkt central service number for private clients is well-known in Braunschweig.

85 %

Satisfaction level with BLSK direkt a revealed by regular surveys – a top score amongst savings banks!

11 000

Internet branch orders recorded by BLSK in 2016. BLSK leads in terms of the benchmark used by the Sparkassenverband.

>Investments in service quality

Holger Twist
Head of Finance Flensburger Brauerei

“Interest rates are at an historic low – what solutions does NORD/LB offer?”

Since classic investments are often not an option, we support our institutional, business and private banking clients in their search for alternatives. Depending on their investment profile and target, this may be a fund, an aircraft investment, an investment in renewable energy or otherwise the recommendation that now is the right time to invest in one’s own efficiency.

>Investments in energy efficiency

Targeted and strategically intelligent investment

Credit Asset Management: Partner for Alternative Investments


Renewable energies as attractive field of investment


Future-oriented investment in energy efficiency


Flexible investment solution from Bremer Landesbank


New fund solution for foundations


>Alternative investments

“What opportunities does NORD/LB use on international markets?”

We know no limits in customer care. We want to be not only where our customers are – but also to accompany them to the places where they do business as an expert partner. Accordingly, we have expanded our presence in our core markets and have gained new business fields as a result.

Targeted expansion of European-wide activities

Wind and solar projects in France

Dynamic housing market in the Netherlands

>More information

Strong presence for our customers in Asia

Focus on renewable energies and aircraft finance

German Desk supports German corporate clients in Asia

>Presence in Asia

NORD/LB Singapore
138 Market Street #36-03 CapitaGreen

bridging asia Magazine

Welcome to the fourth issue of NORD/LB’s Bridging Asia, our magazine for clients and business partners in the Asia-Pacific region. We highlight new perspectives of the region and explain how we assist our customers in targeting emerging business opportunities. The feature story sets out NORD/LB’s strategy for the region, showing how both international project sponsors and medium-sized German companies can benefit from the specialist knowledge of our experts, as well as our technical know-how and understanding of their individual business needs. Frank Schrader, our regional CEO, shares his insight into the region’s growth and currentsuccess, and explores future trends.

>PDF Download (PDF, 1,3 MB)

Dr Sandra Reich,
Head of German Desk Asia Pacific (ex-China)

“We build bridges from Germany to Asia”

A conversation with Dr Sandra Reich

How do you describe the function of the German Desk?
Ms Dr Reich: Basically, we aim to be where our customers are. Only in this way are we able to develop solutions for needs which arise here on site. In this way, we build bridges from Germany to Asia. We aim to make the customer’s life easier by providing support with individual financing enquiries and accompanying them as a trusted partner in what is often a new environment for them.

>The conversation