Group key figures

Income statement (in € million)01/01 - 31/12/201601/01 - 31/12/2015Change (in %)
Net interest income1,7351,974-12
Loan loss provisions2,956698>100
Net commission income219234-6
Profit/loss from financial instruments at fair value through profit or loss including hedge accounting41528048
Profit/loss from financial assets4972-32
Profit/loss from investments accounted for using the equity method-28>100
Administrative expenses1,1131,114-
Other operating profit/loss-173-9778
Earnings before reorganisation and taxes-1,826659>100
Reorganisation expenses-39-6>100
Earnings before taxes-1,865653>100
Income taxes94135-30
Consolidated profit-1,959518>100
Key figures (in %)01/01 - 31/12/201601/01 - 31/12/2015Change (in %)
Cost-Income-Ratio (CIR)50.746.49
Return-on-Equity (RoE)-24.58.7>100
Balance figures (in € million)31/12/201631/12/2015Change (in %)
Total assets174,797180,998-3
Customer deposits57,30160,597-5
Customer loans105,640107,878-2
Regulatory key figures 31/12/201631/12/2015Change (in %)
Common equity tier 1 capital (in € million)6,7528,320-19
Tier 1 capital (in €million)7,1228,440-16
Tier 2 capital (in € million)2,6562,20720
Own funds (in € million)9,77710,647-8
Total risk exposure amount (in € million)59,89663,675-6
Common equity tier 1 capital ratio (in %)11.2713.07-14
Total capital ratio (in %)16.3216.72-2

Total differences are rounding differences and may cause minor deviations in the calculation of percentages.


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