Expanding specialist knowledge

Our company's success is based to a large extent on committed, well-qualified and experienced employees. This is why NORD/LB provides a comprehensive range of educational offers and a strong knowledge network.


Our range of seminars supports our employees in their technical, social and personal development.

Using experience

We use the experience and knowledge of our employees who have been in the business for many years. As our long-term knowledge carriers they are indispensable to us - both as bearers of potential in their areas of responsibility and in the context of inter-generational transfer of expertise.

Mentoring & coaching

Changes, desired further development or better collaboration - NORD/LB's coaching supports both individuals and teams.

Our mentoring programme also provides individual support - for example in the development of your career.

Improving performance

The idea of performance forms the core of our behaviour. It creates the basis for the success of each individual and thus for the whole bank.

Feedback culture

Each employee is given feedback on their individual work performance in an annual review. The feedback is based on a performance assessment and a view of the objectives achieved. The outcome of the review is an overview of strengths and areas for development.
The insights of the discussion are fed into individual measures for further personal development of the employees.

Appropriate pay

Assessment of performance and achievement of targets are linked to the performance bonus within an integrated system. With a success- and performance-orientated pay component, NORD/LB offers a key prerequisite for market-standard remuneration of employees that is proportionate to the success of the bank and the individual employee.

Feedback for managers

Managers are given regular feedback about their management performance. All managers, including the Managing Board, are assessed by their own employees using 360° feedback. They are given a skills assessment and constructive ideas to expand their potential and develop themselves further.

Family-conscious Corporate Culture

We help our employees to harmonise their family needs and professional requirements and challenges.

Our working conditions and our corporate culture are therefore consciously devised to be family-friendly. The idea is to give the individual more scope for decision-making and initiative in order to react to the needs of the family.


Depending on location and individual situation of the employee, NORD/LB offers child-care facilities on site, contributions towards child-care costs or support via an external service-provider in the search for child-care places.

If the usual carer or child-care facility is unavailable, or if an employee is required to travel on business or for training, our employees have the option to have their child cared for by qualified staff in an emergency facility.

During school holidays we support the participation of children in holiday camps and have entered into cooperation agreements with multiple providers to facilitate this.

Family members requiring care

In collaboration with an external service provider we offer support across Germany in the search for suitable care for any family members who need it.

"Home office"

If an employee needs to look after children or family members needing care, there is the opportunity to work from home.

Our workplaces' cities

You'll find insights on living, housing and basics concerning our offices' cities.