Expanding specialist knowledge

Our company's success is based to a large extent on committed, well-qualified and experienced employees. This is why NORD/LB provides a comprehensive range of educational offers and a strong knowledge network.


Our range of seminars supports our employees in their technical, social and personal development.

Using experience

We use the experience and knowledge of our employees who have been in the business for many years. As our long-term knowledge carriers they are indispensable to us - both as bearers of potential in their areas of responsibility and in the context of inter-generational transfer of expertise.

Mentoring & coaching

Changes, desired further development or better collaboration - NORD/LB's coaching supports both individuals and teams.

Our mentoring programme also provides individual support - for example in the development of your career.

Career prospects at NORD/LB

We want to attract effective employees for the long term and give them opportunities. For this reason we offer different programmes to promote your personal development in our company.

Developing managers

Becoming a manager, our employees are accompanied by us and are given individual qualification both beforehand and in their new role.

Women in management

NORD/LB has made its task to significantly increase the number of women in top management. A successful company requires male and female management styles.
To promote a more favourable career climate for women, we provide amongst other things:

  • career advice for women
  • a structured mentoring programme for women
  • networking meetings for female managers

Expert development

Our "expert development" offers additional career prospects to men and women without management responsibility.


We ascribe particular importance to the targeted promotion of our high-potential employees, whom we select in the scope of a structured procedure.

The selected high-performers are prepared by individual mentoring - including by members of the bank's managing board - and are given the opportunity to build up knowledge and behavioural competence and to cope properly with the management task and management role.

Alongside specialist qualification we place special focus on social competence.

Fit and healthy all round

Active, preventative healthcare is a fixed component of our active corporate responsibility. The maintenance and improvement of our employees' health has a long tradition.

Healthy working environment

  • NORD/LB ensures a healthy working environment and provides health-and-safety-compliant materials at the workplaces.
  • Our company doctors advise our employees individually on the ergonomic design of workplaces and measures to prevent issues with posture and eyesight.
  • NORD/LB offers its employees and managers seminars on handling stress, health-conscious management and other health-related topics.
  • Our qualified social counsellors support our employees in difficult professional and/or private life situations.

Health promotion

  • There are 42 company sport groups at the various locations. Everything is catered for - from badminton via bowling, football, golf and tennis through to sailing.
  • Employees at NORD/LB can take part in business yoga courses for relaxation in their lunch break.
  • Each autumn employees can choose to be vaccinated against seasonal 'flu by the company doctors.
  • Our company restaurants offer varied food, favour regional seasonal offerings when compiling menus and regularly have promotional weeks in which our employees are given ideas for healthy forms of nutrition.

Our workplaces' cities

You'll find insights on living, housing and basics concerning our offices' cities.