Space to perform.

Space to perform. represents our employer brand and reflects what differentiates us from other employers.

NORD/LB is an employer that offers an appealing package of modern benefits and a diverse range of attractive responsibilities. Central corporate values form the basis for a high-performing culture that helps us achieve our challenging goals. NORD/LB is distinguished by the breadth of its development prospects, fairness, a team spirit, respect and the willingness to take responsibility in many regards. In turn, NORD/LB gives its employees the space they need - the space to perform.

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What we offer

NORD/LB provides a comprehensive range of educational offers, networks, rewards and services for its employees.

Efforts focus on the following areas:

  • Advanced Training
  • Career Prospects
  • Performance
  • Health
  • Career & Family

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Our workplaces' cities

You'll find insights on living, housing and basics concerning our offices' cities.