Braunschweigische Landessparkasse (BLSK) is a municipal savings bank in parts of the former state of Braunschweig that belong to the state of Lower Saxony today. It has over 100 branches in the city of Braunschweig and in parts of Salzgitter, in the counties of Helmstedt, Holzminden and Wolfenbüttel as well as in parts of the counties of Goslar, Northeim, Osterode and Peine. This group has its roots in the former Duchy of Braunschweig, since BLSK goes back to the Herzogliche Leyhaus (ducal credit institution) established by Carl I. in 1765. Today, BLSK operates as a savings bank with sophisticated municipal ties and its own market presence. From retail to corporate customers and retail banking, BLSK offers its customers the entire range of products and services at a savings bank.

BLSK is a part of NORD/LB as an "AidA" (Anstalt in der Anstalt Norddeutsche Landesbank / Institute in the Institute of Norddeutsche Landesbank).

>Braunschweigische Landessparkasse (in German only)

Deutsche Hypo, which was established in 1872, is a well-positioned mortgage bank with a rising volume of commercial real estate business. The bank has about 400 employees at five locations in Germany and branches in Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Paris and Warsaw.

NORD/LB currently holds all the share capital and the voting rights of Deutsche Hypo.

>Deutsche Hypo

The main responsibilities of KreditServices Nord include the processing of certain risk management activities in the standardised credit business. At the same time, KreditServices Nord is also at the disposal of savings banks in the IT finance sector as a service provider with an attractive and promising range of services.

NORD/LB holds 100 per cent of KreditServices Nord

>KreditServices Nord (in German only)

NORD/FM Norddeutsche Facility Management GmbH is a 100% subsidiary in the savings bank network of NORD/LB. NORD/FM's range of services covers all the areas of commercial, technical and infrastructure facility management as well as construction support. Over the course of recent years, NORD/FM has successfully established itself on the market and gained the trust of countless new customers. Not only customers from the Sparkassen-Finanz-Verbund (Savings Bank Finance Network), but also public-sector and private customers, primarily from northern, western and eastern Germany, contract NORD/FM to handle the holistic optimization of their real estate.

NORD/LB holds 100 per cent of NORD/FM Norddeutsche Facility Management GmbH.

>Norddeutsche Facility Management GmbH (in German only)

With its partners LBS (Norddeutsche Landesbausparkasse Berlin - Hannover) and LBS Immobilien, NORD/LB completes its offer for private customers to include construction and residential housing. Customised building loan contracts are focused on the later purchase of property and tailored to the special wishes of customers. Together with LBS or LBS Immobilien, NORD/LB offers its customers comprehensive support and professional know-how from objective, expert consulting to the financing and acquisition of real estate.

NORD/LB holds 44 per cent of the equity of LBS.

>Norddeutsche Landesbausparkasse Berlin-Hannover - LBS (in German only)

BLB Leasing GmbH is now called NORD/LB Leasing GmbH, after the name change on 01.11.2018. It provides products and services to medium-sized customers active in the area of trades and crafts as well as to self-employed persons. NORD/LB Leasing’s business segment is the area of movable asset leasing.

The goal of NORD/LB Leasing GmbH is to provide NORD/LB’s customers with optimal and needs-based leasing solutions in accordance with the requirements specific to their businesses and markets and on the basis of contractual arrangements that are unobjectionable from a tax perspective.

NORD/LB holds 100 per cent of NORD/LB Leasing GmbH.

After the merger of Norddeutsche Landesbank Luxembourg S.A. with its subsidiary company, NORD/LB Covered Finance Bank S.A. on 31 May 2015, the new bank operates under the name of NORD/LB Luxembourg S.A. Covered Bond Bank. 

NORD/LB Luxembourg S.A. Covered Bond Bank has been set up as a special licenced bank and is a 100 per cent subsidiary of NORD/LB.  As issuer of Lettres de Gage publiques (covered bonds under the Luxemburg law) the bank generates added value to the refinancing of NORD/LB Group’s core business activities. The issued Covered Bonds are rated by Moody's and FITCH Ratings with Aa3 and AAA. The high quality of the Lettres de Gage ratings is one of the reasons why international  investors are interested in NORD/LB CBB’s Covered Bonds. The bank has market access to international money and capital markets with sales activities of further products of NORD/LB Group for Europe.

In loan business in cooperation with Corporate Customers and Structured Finance of NORD/LB, the bank focuses on floating loans, fixed term loans with short maturity, bilateral credit facilities and complex syndicated loans by taking over the function of facility agent. Due to compact size, a modern state of the art IT infrastructure and motivated teams with experienced and competent personnel, NORD/LB Luxembourg Covered Bond Bank is a flexible and reliable partner for clients and other Group members.

>NORD/LB Luxembourg S.A. Covered Bond Bank

Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig (Braunschweig Public Sector Insurance) is the market leader in south-eastern Lower Saxony, handling life and property insurance as well as Braunschweig fire insurance. It has over 240 years of experience and is one of the oldest insurance companies in Germany. With the strongest service network of all insurers in its contractual area and its innovative product and consulting services, it is the ideal partner for NORD/LB.

NORD/LB holds 75 per cent of the guarantor equity of ÖVB (Braunschweig Public Sector Insurance)

ÖVB Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig (in German only)


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