Interest and Currency Management

The changes in the financial markets create new opportunities and risks daily. Entrepreneurs who react flexibly to changes limit their business risks and also make use of the latest opportunities.

In order to make the right business decision at the right time, you need calculable finance and currency risks. We offer you solutions with which you can optimally control these risks.

Your needs

Limit risks: Your business activities involve interest rate and currency risks. You do not want to carry uncalculable costs and therefore want to make use of opportunities to limit these risks.

Make use of opportunities: You will not only limit your risks, you will also make use of opportunities to become sustainably competitive.

Maintain flexibility: The general economic environment is changing rapidly. Being able to react flexibly to changing markets is a competitive advantage. You should therefore be able to modify decisions you have made so that you can actively and optimally make use of favourable market developments.

We find the right strategy together with you. We provide you with the combined knowledge of our specialists, who deal daily with the changes in financial markets and search for opportunities for you in the currency and capital markets.

Use your opportunities:

  • React flexibly to changes in interest rates and exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Optimise your existing high-interest finance.
  • Limit interest rate risks with variable interest-rate agreements.
  • Avoid the risk of rising interest rates with new loan commitments.
  • Rectify risky clusters of interest repayment deadlines in the loan portfolio.
  • Adjust the interest-rate and exchange rate risks to your company's risk-bearing capacity.
  • Make use of the possible planning reliability when costing future investments and transactions.
  • Limit exchange rate risks and maintain exchange rate opportunities.

We would be happy to support you here with our well-founded market assessments. Together with you we develop tailored solutions which are based on a balanced relationship between opportunities and risks and are suitable for your company.

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