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An innovative concept that persuades: "From the market for the market."

NORD/LB Horizont Fonds offers its customers solid basic returns with return premiums in the event of inflation. The fund mainly invests in a mixture of defensive assets which ensures a reasonable and constant rise in value.

NORD/LB Horizont is the NORD/LB Group's answer to customers' repeatedly voiced wish for safe investments and protection against inflation. (Survey in the summer of 2009).

On 1 October 2009, NORD/LB Horizont in Luxembourg was established and became the first of its kind. It has been officially approved for public sales in Germany since 17 May 2010.
NORD/LB Horizont is suited as a basic investment for inflation-sensitive, conservative investors. Safety and reasonable returns are the declared goals of the fund manager.

The following investment principles make it possible to retain the investment's value and purchasing power:

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  • Securing the capital base against risk through strategic procedures
  • Purchasing power protection for investors, even in the event of rising inflation
  • Broad diversification of the investment
  • Maximizing of opportunities through non-cyclical investment policies
  • High degree of security through a concentration on issuers with an excellent credit rating in the case of interest products

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