Financing partner for companies in special situations

We serve the German SME sector. Our target customers are involved in special situations such as a profound restructuring, the pre-insolvency phase, or even insolvency itself. With a team experienced in recovery and restructuring, we concentrate on companies with revenues of EUR 50 million and above.

Potential financing situations…

  • … during restructuring as a partner for new financing requirements and/or switch of financer
  • … for follow-on financing on completion of the restructuring to safeguard and stabilise the finance
  • … on acquisition of a company and associated financing of the working capital, letters of credit, guarantees etc.
  • … during insolvency in the form of the grant of a special loan or finance within the sense of the insolvency plan

Your advantages and benefits at a glance

  • Structuring of optimum financing solutions in special situations
  • Specialist team with experience of restructuring is on hand for the whole financing term

Head of Special Situation Financing