The Factoring Industry as an Engine of Economic Growth

Comprehensive Advice when Refinancing

Factoring provides companies with the opportunity of converting their receivables into instant liquidity. It thus opens up greater room for manoeuvre for a business. The ongoing purchase of receivables works because banks take over the refinancing for the factoring companies.

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Energy Contracting Developing into a Model for Success

Through solid refinancing contractors are able to provide modern and environmentally friendly power plants.

Rising energy prices and rapid technological advances mean that firms, municipalities as well as private households are making increasing use of the possibility of not buying their own energy supply systems but, instead, concluding contracting agreements for their use. This is a growth market for energy suppliers and other contractors. In order to secure refinancing through a financing partner you have a choice of different types of agreements.

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Leasing Companies are On Track for Expansion

How You Can Increase Your Business Volume Through Quick and Reliable Refinancing

The leasing industry is growing and leasing companies are investing in ever new assets. For their refinancing they need reliable partners. NORD/LB’s experts explain why the leasing business is expanding despite the current phase of low interest rates.

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Finetrading - How purchase financing makes companies flexible

And Why Procurement Financing Companies Need a Strong Refinancing Partner

First of all, companies that trade and process goods have to pay for their purchases before they are able to make a profit. Procurement financing companies are able to help here with finetrading by providing liquidity. Alexander Reil and Dennis Koopmann, Corporate Customer Advisers who specialise in leasing and factoring explain why this is a profitable business and how NORD/LB refinances procurement financing companies.

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