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Our involvement in the health care property segment is governed by a simple guiding principle - the synthesis of social needs and regulatory requirements as well as economic standards. We can provide advice and support for your investments from the earliest planning stage right through to when the property is put into operation. In the course of this, not only do we share with you what we know about location analysis and business plans. From our perspective, our role also includes hosting a discussion about payment agreements, the competition as well as the design of the property with a view to providing you with opportunities. Moreover, the dialogue is maintained even when operations are ongoing. We thus stay in constant touch with our customers and strive to share information continuously - as the basis for a successful long-term collaboration.

Our mission is to create the optimal financing structure tailored to a particular investment project. Therefore, a concept that meets the requirements of the equity and debt capital providers in terms of profitability, sufficient security and stable capital servicing capacity. Besides the financing service, we would be pleased to provide all the banking services that relate to “every aspect of health care properties". Here, our advice and service offerings are based on your needs.

Naturally, as a partner in the Fraunhofer Institute’s “Care 2020” joint research project, we are also meeting the challenges associated with the enhancement of the senior care industry.

Three Financial Criteria for the Realisation of Your Plans.

In recent years, the health care sector has been undergoing constant change. This process will continue. In particular, the altered competitive environment and regulatory changes have resulted in the ongoing need for adjustments. Against this background, there will be demand for professional management that is able to deal with these challenges in the future, too.

The intention and purpose of our financing criteria consists in our wish to support you as an investor and/or operator in a heavily regulated market. And to do this on the basis of individually developed investment and financing decisions - and with a view to a long-term partnership. Do you have a challenging business idea? Put us to the test.

Three Criteria for the Feasibility of an Investment Project

For us, the following factors are significant:

  • Experience and your know-how with respect to the operational and commercial management of a nursing care home business.
  • Cross-linking with additional offerings at the particular location
  • Successful implementation of your concepts
  • A keen sense for market developments as well as for the increasing relevance of modern personnel management

Key success factors:

  • The competitiveness and/or the marketability of the property to be financed as well as the micro and macro locations
  • Location analysis as the basis for planning
  • The concept and the prices for the service must prevail in the future
  • Price sensitivity is playing an increasingly important role

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