Case studies

BauBeCon Immobilien GmbH

BauBeCon Immobilien GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Wohnen AG. Its main operational business activity is managing its portfolio, which focuses on residential property.

During BauBeCon’s recent debt restructuring, NORD/LB provided the company with a combination of variable interest rates and interest hedging tools that was tailored to best meet its requirements. The finance package is a long-term arrangement that is secured by around 4,000 residential properties.

Structured Finance Management

The real estate group meravis is owned by Sozialverband Deutschland, a German socio-political advocacy organisation. It manages around 14,000 residential and commercial units, some of which belong to meravis and some to other owners. Most of the real estate is located in Hanover, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

For a company of this scale, there are obvious advantages to structured finance management. On behalf of meravis and with the aim of optimising interest expenses, NORD/LB consolidated numerous loans and therefore also numerous interest rate adjustment dates. Our customer benefits from interest savings, interest rate hedging and balance sheet optimisation.